The Agent

Any actor who dreams of stardom knows they need a great agent.

An agent is an actor’s representative and go-between. They look out for and speak on the actor’s behalf with regard to potential projects and roles. The agent also discusses and works-out the details of potential offers.

Sometimes an agent arranges meetings to introduce the actor to casting directors, executives, producers, and other individuals who make decisions about roles. This is so that when certain opportunities arise, those individuals think of the actor.

Should An Actor First Find an Agent Before You Look for Auditions?

No. An actor first needs to land roles before an agent will represent you. An agent makes money when the actors they represents land roles, so they, naturally, only want to sign actors with proven records of success. And, in some cases, someone they greatly trusts highly recommends.

How Do You Get an Agent to Notice You?

Actors need to put themselves out there if they ever want an agent to sign them. They do that by acting in plays, short films, student films, and taking classes. Such allows agents to notice them and/or allows them to make connect with individuals who personally know agents.

In essence, most of the actors who successfully sign with agents are the ones who found ways to be signed. This statement was not meant to be cheeky. It meant that some of the actors who actively look for and pursues ways to gain agents have a much better chance of having an agent sign them.

Rod Rowland Coaching

Rod Rowling is a highly successful actor who offers acting coaching. He’s appeared in over 100 television series and movies including American Horror Story, Criminal Minds, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Willows in the Wind, CSI: Miami, NCIS: Los Angeles, and The Closer, just to name a few.

Rod offers private, one-on-one acting sessions that are beginner friendly and uniquely tailored to each actor’s age, type, strengths, and weaknesses. An actor can attend classes in-person, at Rod’s North Hollywood studio, or take online acting classes or Skype acting classes, from any location.

Sessions with Rod are completely unlike any class from the multitude of unfamiliar acting teachers at those Hollywood Acting Schools or the myriad of unknown, unverified sites where you can book online acting coaches. He’s a proven, veteran actor who is still very active in the business. His sessions are equal to years at the best acting schools and several weekend workshops. And, his reasons for coaching are to help aspiring actors achieve the success he’s enjoying.

Help Finding an Agent

After an actor has completed Rod’s curriculum, he connects them to his actor, producer associate, whose artist placement company has connections with agents throughout the country. Agents have signed ninety percent of the students that completed Rod’s advanced packages and they have also landed professional paying acting jobs.

No one, not even Rod, however, can guarantee success, but actors who bring their energy and dependability to his sessions have great odds.

Rod is, without doubt, the best in in the country and one of the best ways a talented actor can connect with an agent.

For More information contact at :- +1 323-333-9867


Author: rowlandactingcoaching

Rod Rowland Private Acting Lessons and Coaching Online is a Private one-on-one Audition and Technique Coaching. A complete Acting Mentorship Taught by a working professional Actor.There is no faster or more efficient way to learn to act.

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