For every successful actor, there are countless unsuccessful ones. Is it because they lack talent? No. Casting directors cite numerous reasons for not hiring certain actors and it’s rarely ever about talent. The most important issues include:

• Not doing the homework about a part: the sides and information provided to the actor gives them all the information they need to understand the character and also conduct some research about the part and/or or project.

• Inability to follow directions: casting directors begin judging the actors before they even enter the room, so they need to follow every instruction, no matter how insignificant each may seem. Filling out forms, behavior toward other actors and staff, conduct in the audition room, etc. The audition is their first opportunity to see if they can follow directions.

These are really only two examples. But, they can cost an actor dearly. They provide an example of how the actor will work during filming and also tells the director that the actor doesn’t care. The actor certainly won’t get a callback for that role or possibly any other project for which that casting director works.

Improper preparedness is the common denominator in these issues. The solution is coaching. And, not just any coaching. The key a successful professional acting career is proper acting coaching.

Rod Rowland Coaching

Rod is a highly successful actor with over 100 appearances in television and film. His credits include: NCIS New Orleans, American Horror Story, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, and Twin Peaks Re-Boot, just to name a few.

He believes his twenties were squandered because he put his faith in pretentious acting instructors that cost him over $100,000. He has learned a great deal since then and now wants to pass on that knowledge. He simply does not want other actors to also waste a decade of their lives or, as so many others have done, simply give up.

Private Acting Coaching

Rod offers beginner friendly, private, one-on-one coaching in his studio in North Hollywood, California. No problem, however, for actors who don’t live in that area. Rod also conducts online actor training through FaceTime and Skype.

Rod will conduct a session of lessons custom-made to each actor. When the actor is through, they will be fully able to perform a top notch, spot-on audition

Just imagine having a veteran actor for a scene partner. That alone provides invaluable teaching.

Audition Preparedness

Through Rod, the actor will learn how to prepare for auditions. They will:

• Be able to properly respond to any direction the casting director offers. Such will prove their skills and reliability.

• Recognize and understand current acting techniques and theories.

• Be able to portray roles and characters they thought were impossible, thus widening their range.

Through Rod, the actor will place in the five percent of their competition.


Solid agents have signed ninety percent of the students who remain committed to Rod’s program and consistently completed his advanced acting lessons. As well, casting directors have cast signed them on to professional paying gigs. Though Rod cannot promise success, as long as they dedicate and commit themselves and bring their energy, his odds are pretty great.

For More information contact at :- +1 323-333-9867


Author: rowlandactingcoaching

Rod Rowland Private Acting Lessons and Coaching Online is a Private one-on-one Audition and Technique Coaching. A complete Acting Mentorship Taught by a working professional Actor.There is no faster or more efficient way to learn to act.

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